Pricing & Services

The Links Indoor Golf offers a wide selection of golf play options. 

While reading thru the rates and options below, please keep the following “rules of thumb” about playing golf on aG Simulators.

1.) It takes one individual roughly 1 hour to play 18 holes of golf at an average pace.  So 4 golfers playing 18 holes should plan on roughly 4 hours to play.

2.) You can play with up to 6 individuals at once, just keep in mind that the more golfers, the longer a round can take.

3.)  Rates are based on an hourly fee per screen, not golfer.  That means that 1 golfer playing for 1 hour, and 4 golfers playing for 1 hour cost the same.

4.) Whether you are playing 18 holes, practicing on the driving range, playing putt putt with your kids, or simply watching TV on a 17′ wide high-definition screen the hourly rates apply.

5.) The last rule of thumb is that you come to enjoy yourself.  Whether you come by yourself for some quiet practice and alone time, or if you come for a big birthday party, we want you to have fun!


  “Early Bird”  Monday – Thursday 9 A.M – 5 P.M.     $35.00 / Hour

“After Work”  Monday – Thursday  5 PM  – 9 P.M.     $45.00 / Hour

“Weekends”  Friday – Sunday     $45.00 / Hour

League Play

Leagues can be formed by groups with as few as 4 people of “Closed / Private” Leagues.  Create Leagues with your friends, co-workers within the company! The possibilities are endless!  Private Leagues are played during set, scheduled times every week.

The Links Indoor Golf will also offer “Open Leagues” where golfers can come in at any time during the week and play the schedule course.  Open League standings will be controlled at The Links and posted every Monday.

To form a custom league format, contact The Links Staff to discuss.